بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

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السلام عليكم إخواني وأخواتي

This site has been set up by a group of students who studied under Dr. Abu Riyad (رحمه الله).

It is a dedication to his family and a show of immense appreciation towards his hard work and efforts.

Abu Riyad (رحمه الله) helped countless number of students and individuals in all endeavours of life and many viewed him as a “father figure”.

Please add your messages below, these can contain special stories about your relationship with Abu Riyad (رحمه الله) or condolences for his family etc.

Pictures can also be uploaded (on the right hand side).

May Allah rest his soul in peace, Ameen.

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7 Responses to Introduction

  1. Umm Ibrahim says:


    Abu Riyad was like our second father, he truly treated me like his daughter and losing him was like losing a part of me.

    We will never forget his kindness, love, generosity and dedication (especially to our education).

    He was genuinely a good man, very few are left now.

    May Allah grant him al-Firdous, Ameen.

    My love to Umm Riyad + family.

    Umm Ibrahim

    • Maalim Al-Rawi says:


      Thank you for your kind words it means a lot. It has been such a tough and testing couple of weeks but we are so grateful for everyone’s prayers and good wishes

      Love and salam

    • John Andrewson says:

      God bless him

  2. Galiya says:

    we love Abu Riyad so so so so much!!!
    always remember him in duas!
    Subhan Allah!!! What a great man he is!
    Simple life…Very much helpfull! great teacher! THE BEST teacher in seera, history, and LIFE!
    i open my notebooks from his lessons… and it s like i can see him…i remember everything he was teaching us… i remember arabic words he taught me…and now im using them, and explaining people from my country what he taught us… this is his sadakatul-djaariya!
    ya Rabb! we miss him so much!

    May Allah forgive him!!! and place him in Djannah!!!

    when i remember him, i smile) i was lucky that Allah gave me chance to meet him! and be his student!
    p.s.sorry for mistakes..i hope you understand what i m trying to say…

  3. Gwyn RJ says:

    As a former member and official of the Llanybydder Junior Soccer Club I, along with other past and present committee members were appreciative of the co-operation and support that we received from Dr Rawi in allowing the use of the facilities for the benefit of the childfren and wider community. I always found him to be a straight, friendly and decent person in our dealings with him at all times.
    And his passing will be a sad loss to us all.


  4. S says:

    a few months on and still feels like you left us yesterday.
    words can’t express how much we love you for the sake of Allah and how much we miss you, ya Aba Riyadh
    you were like a father to us all, Allah bless you for all the sacrifices you made, and grant you Janatul Firduas. Ameen
    you are in a better place inshAllah :)
    May we be united in Jannah with the prophets and Saliheen!
    i miss you a lot, always in my thoughts and prayers.

    May Allah bless and increase your family with patience . Ameen

  5. N.B.A says:

    Ya Rab, I had NO idea about this website as I don’t have facebook account and only found out today on google while searching for something else.

    I could write an essaie about his kindness, generosity, how he was always humble and all the kheir he did to me soubhanAllah… imagine what it would be adding what he did to others.

    And yet I only knew him for a year.

    But it was a tough year for me, from the very start I wanted to live, felt all alone, lost in every way…..but mashaAllah after talking to him crying about my situation, he motivated me sooooooo much with Dr. Abbas. He, particularly, helped me in many different ways, and gave me confidence again reminding me why I came in “that isolated place to study” lol.

    MashaAllah next to him you always felt like you could achieve e-ve-ry-thing….., he was an AMAZING teacher, an understanding director, and as a support he was like a father.

    Always smilling, full of energy soubhanAllah, just thinking of him makes me cry. His wife as well was very kind to all students mashaAllah, as well as his all family and group of teachers mashaAllah.

    See….I could speak for hours about him soubhanAllah.

    I stop here, thanking Allah swt I met such a Man.

    May his family be blessed and have sabr, and my our dear ustadh, friend, and brother in islam be granted janat na’eem……amine.

    A sister.

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